Friends of J.J. Walker Playground


Friends of J.J. Walker Playground

Friends of J.J. Walker Playground is a volunteer community organization dedicated to the renewal of our Playground. The playground is located within James J. Walker Park, between Hudson St. and 7th Ave, and Clarkson St. and St. Luke’s Place, in the heart of the West Village. The playground was last renovated in 1995.

Friends of J.J. Walker Playground is a member park of Green Below 14., a non-profit organization, with the mission to improve local public parks, playgrounds and open public spaces in lower Manhattan below 14th street.  Friends of J.J. Walker Playground enjoys fiscal sponsorship from Green Below 14.

Friends of J.J. Walker Playground participates in Fall and Spring “It’s My Park Day”, an event generously supported by City Parks Foundation and Partnerships for Parks.

To date, Friends of J.J. Walker Playground has generously donated:
• Outdoor brooms and dustpans to the Tony Dapolito Recreation Center. The Recreation Center is responsible for cleaning the playground and adjoining walkways.
• A new lockable, waterproof Message Board at the playground entrance.
• A new Dog Waste Bag dispenser for the exterior gates of the park.
• A fresh coat of paint on the perimeter walls of the playground.

  • Short-term goals for friends of J.J. Walker Playground:
  • Repair gate to swings area, as the broken gate is a security hazard
  • Power-wash play equipment and floor tiles
  • Buy new trash cans, as many of the existing have rotted out and have no bottoms
Long-term goals for friends of J.J. Walker Playground:
  • Develop a Master Plan of the overall park, with better integration of the handball court, the bocce court, the common passageway, the gardens and the playground.
  • Improve the children’s playground including:
    • Redesign the play equipment and flooring
    • Improve water feature (children’s fountain)
    • Add plantings (including irrigation) to create greater integration with the surrounding park
    • Provide adequate shade for play equipment to ensure that it can be used year round, especially during the hottest summer months
    • Improve lighting around the perimeter of the playground.

If you have any suggestions or questions regarding our playground, please send an email to:

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Friends of J.J. Walker Playground

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