Friends of Vesuvio Playground


Friends of Vesuvio Playground

Friends of Vesuvio Playground is a volunteer community group dedicated to the improvement of Vesuvio Playground (formerly known as Thompson Street Playground). The playground is located at Spring Street between Sullivan and Thompson Streets in the Soho/South Village.

Friends of Vesuvio Playground is a member park of Green Below 14, a non-profit organization with the mission to improve local public parks, playgrounds and open public spaces in lower Manhattan below 14th Street.  Friends of Vesuvio Playground enjoys fiscal sponsorship from GB14.

Vesuvio Playground has expanded and improved over the years.  We are committed to continuing to improve it so that it meets the needs of the community.

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Improvement UnderwayCompleted Improvements

Urban Farmers

Green Below 14 is sponsoring a Free Urban Farmer Workshop Series for Kids beginning Tuesday, August 4th at 10 a.m. at Vesuvio!  Come learn about worms and composting on the …


Planting Climbing Vines

Vesuvio Playground is surrounded by metal trellises that were designed for climbing vines that were never planted.  Over the years, Friends of Vesuvio Playground has done a lot of research …


Art at Vesuvio

Friends of Vesuvio Playground regularly offers arts and crafts activities at the playground during It’s My Park Days and when playground associates are on site.  Now, we are working to …


Garden Improvements

Since 2011, Friends of Vesuvio Playground has planted bulbs throughout the playground at least twice a year.  Children who play at the playground can take pride in knowing the beautiful …


Park Clean Up

NYC Parks works hard to keep our playground clean.  To support its efforts, from time to time Friends of Vesuvio Playground cleans up the playground on special days, organizes groups …


Live Music at Vesuvio

Since 2011, Friends of Vesuvio Playground has organized live music performances for every It’s My Park Day.  Since 2014, Friends of Vesuvio Playground has participated in Make Music New York …


Imagination Playground

Neighbors contributed to purchase a full set of imagination playground blocks designed by David Rockwell for use at Vesuvio Playground.  Learn more about how these blocks facilitate imaginative play for …


Funding Capital Improvements

When the paving in the playground became unsafe, a local family contributed $5,000 to repair the paving.  The particular mosaic stones were no longer available so we worked together with …


It’s My Park Days

Friends of Vesuvio Playground has been organizing volunteer participation, plantings, clean up,activities, music and play since early 2011 in coordination with Partnership for Parks.  


Short-term goals for Friends of Vesuvio Playground:

  • Expand programming
  • Plant tree pits
  • Install hanging vines
  • Replace the artwork lost on the northern adjacent wall with a new mural series
  • Ensure acceptable solution for the missing pavement around the flagpole

Long-term goals for friends of Vesuvio Playground:

  • Develop a broad network of volunteers and donors to sustain and improve Vesuvio
  • Secure reliable funding streams for a playground associate to facilitate play with our Imagination Playground blocks
  • Provide year round good weather use of our Imagination Playground blocks
  • Offer a full year program of activities
  • Plant all the trellis with climbing vines
  • Restore the comfort house for multipurpose use and better storage condition
  • Install a moveable changing cabana for pool season
Ladybugs go to work at Vesuvio

Ladybugs go to work at Vesuvio

Worms in the GB14 compost bin at Vesuvio

Worms in the GB14 compost bin at Vesuvio

Ladybugs at Vesuvio IMG_7738 Vesuvio Urban Farmer Workshop 8182015 GB14 Urban Farmer Workshop at Vesuvio IMG_7725 IMG_7751 IMG_7750 IMG_7744 IMG_7743 IMG_7742 IMG_7741 IMG_7740 IMG_7777 IMG_7770 IMG_7768 IMG_7766 IMG_7755 IMG_7752 IMG_7783 IMG_7774 IMG_7773 IMG_7769 IMG_7720 Slide3


Vesuvio's ball courts

Ball courts and flowers and Vesuvio



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Boy Scout Troup 422 on December 11, 2011 scraped and painted benches along with general cleaning of the playground as a service project.

Boy Scout Troup 422 on December 11, 2011 scraped and painted benches along with general cleaning of the playground as a service project.


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