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Jumpstart improvements at your park!

We make it easier for you to set up and to maintain the infrastructure your friends group needs to thrive allowing you to focus on making improvements.

upgrade or renovate your park

We can help you understand the process and get it underway. From planting blooms, providing free programming, funding infrastructure and playground equipment to securing funding for a full playground renovation of $1.9 million, we’ve done it with the support of the community.

Green Below 14 offers you a

Park Improvements
  • Benefit from increased visibility of projects and needs
Group Development
  • Expand your potential individual donor base
  • Learn about public funding programs available
  • Deepen your ties with the local community
Professional Online Presence
  • Your own personal member park page
  • Third party maintenance and support

Email Access Through
  • New email address –
  • Create email campaigns around park events
Save Time and Money
  • Eliminate the need and associated cost of forming an independent 501(c)(3)
  • Enjoy local fiscal sponsorship



Share ways to improve local public parks

Use our community knowledge to further your philanthropic goals

Partner with us to address open space issues in NYC


Improve the community you serve by sponsoring events, improvements and community building efforts

Open Space Organizations

Work together to improve and expand open space in downtown Manhattan below 14th Street

Public Sector

Coordinate park improvements with NYC agencies including the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, Partnership for Parks and other organizations that support parks like Manhattan Community Boards

Work with elected representatives to draw attention to needed improvements as well as to secure public funding for upgrades and renovations.

*We welcome park supporters wherever they are located.  For now, we are focused below 14th Street in Manhattan.  However, please let us know if you are interested in extending Green Below 14 to Green Beyond 14.